BA (Hons)

Part I)

Every year is unique and this academic year we were fortunate that we could teach in the first term face to face. Being able to have physical meetings proved invaluable for all. Adapting to the pandemic by adopting online methods was instructive and will now form part of the way the course is delivered. The work done by the students proved that when there is a collective will, great things can be achieved even in adversity. Well done and remember that you can still make and do thoughtfully and that the point of study is to study more with curiosity and confidence.


Part II)

The MArch Architecture (ARB/RIBA part II) programme encourages a rigorous professional approach to architecture within a highly speculative and creative context. Huge congratulations to our graduates this year who have produced truly outstanding work in the midst of a global pandemic – well done!

Architectural Practice, PGDip (ARB/RIBA Part III Exemption)

PDAP extends students’ design skills to include contractual, procurement and practice frameworks.
PDAP is unique:
• Students constantly interrogate and compare their own professional practice
• Assessment by coursework - no exams.
• The one year course can be extended to suit circumstances.
• Join in September or January.
• Interactive, small group teaching, with an excellent pass rate.


At the School of Design, we are supporting creativity globally. This page will be updated shortly with some fantastic student work from our international partners. Stay tuned.