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MA Landscape Architecture

Mattis Schneider

On how a growing meadow unburdens society

The redesign of Charlton Park aims to attract people from the neighbourhood and offers them a place to unburden and to forget all their worries. The former private estate opens up its walls and becomes a stage of a big spectacle.

A Landscape Symphony fills the site around Charlton House. It is conducted by the landscape conductor, standing on the archway right in the centre of the happenings. Heavy machinery is tuned in and controlled by the conductor, and they receive orders to create a magnificent and fascinating flower meadow and extend the meadow far into the neighbourhood.

People from the area get curious and want to see what's happening. They sit down on the Auditoriums to watch the spectacle. It is mind-blowing and fascinating, seeing the machines work and the meadow grow, and they unburden.